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    Attain and integrated and normalized health care data model across all lines of business and multiple companies, with built-in and comprehensive reporting modules that facilitate cross-functional analyses including utilization, financial, operational, and clinical among others.

    Next-Level Benefits:

    Flexible Solution

    Purpose-built to meet the analysis and reporting needs of Medicare, Medicaid, Marketplace, and Commercial insurers, Payviders, and public health organizations.

    Built-in Connectors

    Out-of-the-box connectors for most claims processing systems, CMS standard files, and delegated entities like Mental health providers, PBMs, and others accelerate the implementation process.

    Comprehensive Insights

    Built-in reports, dashboards, and analyses that support healthcare organizations’ financial, operational, and clinical performance with drill-down capabilities.

    Data Accessibility

    Full back-end data access for rapid and ad-hoc analytics.

    Healthcare Focused DW

    Data structures built on latest healthcare standards.

    Key Differentiators

    • One Repository for Enhanced Data Insights

      Prioritize your most important data assets into a single data repository optimized to leverage their value across the entire organization and healthcare ecosystem.

    • Standardizing Data Excellence

      Create a standard data governance, management and analytics strategy.

    • Business Rules for Data Clarity

      Define and configure business rules for data transformation and KPI definitions to establish a common organizational “reporting and analytics language”.

    • Comprehensive Cross-Functional Insights

      Enable cross-functional analyses to get a 360 view of your entire organizational performance from different vantage points.