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    Improve member experience results by following care patterns and factors that influence what is important to your members.

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    Next-Level Benefits:

    Experience Indicators

    Suite of proprietary indicators that measure your population’s healthcare experience.

    Quarterly Updates

    Quarterly updates showing how experience is changing over time.

    Result Stratification

    Stratification of results by provider group, member demographic categories, or custom groupings.

    Claims Measurement

    Measures experience at a population level via claims, not a sample via survey.

    Industry Correlation

    Correlates with industry-standard experience measures such as appeals, complaints, and disenrollment.

    Improvement Support

    Results support detailed improvement programs targeting enhanced member experience.

    Key Differentiators

    • Comprehensive Population Experience Insights

      Measure factors influencing experience for your entire population and not just a small sample influenced by response rates.

    • Quarterly Trend Tracking

      Look at up-to-date changes over time with quarterly analyses that show directional trends in results.

    • Decode Experience Drivers

      Determine the specific drivers of experience and how it varies for different member profiles and provider groups.

    • Monitor, Intervene, Elevate Experience

      Analyze and tune experience interventions proactively and consistently.

    • Benchmark Experience with STARS Precision

      Compare experience indicator trends against experience measure results from Stars programs or surveys.